Explainer Animation

at Its Best

We've taken the hassle out of creating explainer animations

so you can focus on more important things.

Explainer Animation

at Its Best

We've taken the hassle out of creating explainer animations so you can focus on

more important things.

Video Consultation

FREE 30 min Skype call to explore:

  • Video Purpose and choosing style
  • Your brand goals
  • Learn how to create an effective video funnel
  • Suggestion of video marketing tactics

Full Explainer Animation

Full expert animation includes:

  • Processional Storyboard
  • Expert Animation
  • Copyright Music
  • SFX - Sound effects
  • Expert voiceover
  • Custom Design

Free planning PDF

Learn how to:

Define your purpose

Keep it short and KISS

Highlight the BENEFITS

Tips for a top script

Picking a style

Voiceover / Music

Studio comparison guide

Frequently Asked Questions

you have questions, here's some answers

I have a script, how do i know how many seconds it will be?

Usually 150 words is equal to 60 seconds of animation.

How long will it take?

Usually a 1-2 minute animation takes 3-4 weeks to create. However it depends on approval speed!

If I send you a video example I like, can you replicate an animation style?

9/10 times yes! We love to hear you have a vision for your production and we will do everything we can to make it a reality!

How many revisions do we get?


Some of our latest animations

"PowAnimate produced exactly what we asked for with great quality, value and professional & responsive customer service. They took on-board all our feedback throughout the planning & drafting process and we are very happy with the final result."

- Stuart Prestedge,

Co-founder, Platform Gurus

Our Animation Process


We send you a basic questionnaire with all the questions we require to get started on the design phase


We edit your script to fit our creative ideas (we can also make one from scratch for you!)


We send you a few hand pick voiceover artists for you to choose. All professionally recorded in professional studios


We send a theme storyboard (5-10 slides) to ensure we are on the right track and to confirm style, fonts and colours


This is where it gets fun! we create a full storyboard for your approval in full colour design by our specialists.


Once approved lets get it moving! We take the approved storyboard and professionally animate each design with creative transitions, Sound effects, background music and more!


With unlimited changes, You will inevitably have an incredible animation ready to show the world!



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